domingo, 23 de fevereiro de 2014

Why do we exist ?

For what do we exist ?

What is the meaning of our life ?

My concern has always been to find out the reason of existence, and why do we exist?
To try to discover this secret I researched what other human beings have discovered, researched in all areas of knowledge , and with this knowledge I gathered using formal logic.

My conclusions are as follows :

1. We can't understand the meaning of the life thinking in local or planetary terms, we have to think in universal terms, we can't forget that we exist in a universe, and the nature and reasons of existence of the universe we know very little .

UNIVERSE - an evolving entity

The universe since the first instant after the Big Bang works on own account by immutable laws , chemical , biological, psychic , organic , social , etc., all physical laws in the universe operates according to its laws, such as Einstein's law E = M * c^2, or Newton's law of gravity, or the law that gives the speed of a body (v = d/t ), or an organic law, such as to run a certain distance spend certain energy that must be stored inside our body, if we do not have that energy will not be able to run, or a psychological law, the death of a loved one always brings us sadness, ever joy.

The universe since the first instant after the Big Bang works on own account with immutable laws , chemical , biological, psychic , organic , social , etc., all in the universe works in according with its laws, such as Einstein's law E = M * c^2, or Newton's law of gravity, or the law that gives the speed of a body (v = d/t ), or an organic law, such as to run a certain distance spend certain energy that must be stored inside our body, if we do not have that energy will not be able to run, or a psychological law, the death of a loved one always brings us sadness, never joy.
The formation of stars, from which all life emanates, and your the end follow immutable laws, stars with the same mass always have the same the end.
And we, as we are in the universe, are also subject to these universal laws .
These laws were that caused that life arose in the universe.

Interesting note:
If the universe, according to the known laws of physics, is inflating, is expanding, say, is increasing its size, its volume, despite continuing with the same mass - is because there is "something" out of the universe for where it expands, this something "out there" is not space-time, It is the Source, It exists in the absolute zero degrees, a temperature that can not be obtained within the space-time of our universe, the source is Everything, It contains universes.

2 . Life does not exist for us individuals, life exists in the species, the species is that live indefinitely.

Life exists in the species , and species are a work of the your architect - The ADN

The myth of lack of meaning in life.

Philosophy is the area that most searches for answers to the "meaning of life", many see no meaning in life, many say that if God does not exist life has no meaning, many are convinced that there is no God and life has no meaning, there are many opinions about the meaningless of life .
But, the question is simple, it is clear that "life" has a meaning !
Or rather, the universe has meaning, certainly has a purpose.
The simple answer is that life and the universe - has a meaning - that humans don't hope, don't like, that they have!
This is the problem, the humans desire that the life was the way they would like, but she is not, so humans stay sad, overwhelmed, angry, indignant.
Humans would like not exist cancer that makes them suffer and die, but it exists.
Humans do not like to grow old, would like to stay forever young and beautiful, but older.
Humans would not die, but the certainty of death frightens them.
All this is also present in the minds of human intellectual, thinkers, scientists, due to the wisdom that believe they think deserve greater consideration of life and not suffer the same mishaps that "ordinary humans" suffer, or any other animal on the planet suffers them that are wise, should have "something special" reserved to them, but at the end, come to the conclusion that there must therefore conclude that life is absurd and makes no sense .
But of course that life has meaning, that the only purpose of life is not one that human individuals wish they were .

The meaning of life is in kind and not in individuals.

The body that we use was not created by us, and we do not know exactly how it was built and how it works, do not know why (and how) there are two ears on our head (and not one or three), do not know how the liver could have the ability of intelligent features to manage various essential body functions, iour body is an intelligent system that works independent of us, and it was given to us for us to use for the sake of survival of the species.
In summary, individuals exist for the species and in accordance with it, this is the reason for our existence.

The Universe is a kind - the kind that envisioned and built .

3 . You can be the smartest individual of mankind, will have the same fate of the less intelligent ...
Nietzsche was, in my opinion, one of the most powerful minds who ever lived, but he had syphilis, the disease reached his brain and he of genius became mentally disabled.
The species used what he learned to his own advantage, but his body and his mind were expendable .
Just as humans are disposable, million individuals die each year with only one day of life.

There is not a kind god, and this is a evident fact on the nature of reality, there is no way of "life" after death, there are only the laws of the universe, we do not have the significance we think we have, the skull of a powerful pharaoh is identical to his servant, to no avail he tells embalm his body, he lost himself in the same way that the body of the servant and the life he dreamed of having back he never will .

The human body was not made by a god ... was done by ADN, and this is a logical consequence of the laws of the universe - atoms grouped into molecules

Nietzsche thought that there is an Eternal Return the Same, but does not exist, the universe is evolving, there will always be more complex than the previous universe.
So we have only one life, and what we can do is to listen to it as well, and in my opinion, this is great because it would be too dull to live forever!

4 . In the body of all species there is a common element, the cell, billions of cells, and in all of them there is an intelligent entity - the primordial living being - ADN - it consisting, in the case of the human species,  in 23 pairs of genes/chromosomes, it is he who commands all vital actions, it was he who developed the body of the species homo sapiens is the ADN that has the formula to create a human being

ADN, the species, the architect


Humans arise from a single cell!

In fact a human being is born of the union of two "half-cell", the sperm and egg.

Human ADN within each cell has two pairs of 23 chromosomes (genes), it was possible because the sperm has 1 pair of 23 chromosomes and the egg also has a pair of 23 chromosomes, fertilization chromosomes unite and lead the first human cell with the full ADN with two pairs of 23 chromosomes, from there, the ADN begins to mount the body and create the body organs through cell division .

ADN exists within his fortress, the cell nucleus, for safety, it puts a clone her in all cells, are billions of them in the human body, and in your "control center" he commands all vital actions body, since its formation until its simplest functions day to day
If we observe the development of a human fetus in the womb we see that it is being built step by step, according to a plan, who performs this plan is the gene .
Therefore, there is no doubt as to who is our architect - is homo sapiens ADN.

Above is a picture of a human fetus and the other a sequence of photos showing the phases of the creation of a human being by the gene, both can clearly see that between 4 to 8 weeks the fetus has a big tail !

It is a reminder of what we once were, in his creative process, the gene has to go through this phase of early to be able to reach the next stage more refined .

And that's how the gene constructs humans through code he keeps it well protected within the nucleus of all cells that comprise the human body, and all that is within us, there is the will of homo sapiens gene.

The ADN was not born knowing he is learning from the earliest times, and will become increasingly sophisticated, and building systems (bodies) for your protection and where it exists increasingly sophisticated. The genes within the ADN differed forming species that are fighting each other for survival and the search for ever more knowledge - ADN wants to reach the maximum possible intelligence.
Within the philosophy Hegel was the philosopher who came closest to reality - the story is a "spirit" in training he concluded, but actually tells the epic story of ADN and its genes in the body of the species, in search of maximum knowledge.
Therefore, in view of this danger, the laws of the universe work against it .... the more developed a kind, she will have more emotional problems, in the case of human beings, have emotional problems that less intelligent species that we do not exist the minds of each species exist in increasing scales of understanding of inner and outer reality.
Thus the species is not only fighting against the other, is also fighting against the laws of the universe, and according to them is fighting against itself when it comes to intelligent consciousness. See that increases every day humans who think that the human species is bad for the planet and should be abolished to save the planet!
This is nothing more than a desire to aurodestruição stemmed the laws of the universe that only intelligent species possess. The universe does not want anyone trying to get to him.
All ideological stupidity that exists in humanity, be it political, religious or social, is caused by this, ideologies are the tool of destruction of own species created by the laws of the universe .
However, universe(s) is evolving and there is the Source that contains all, still at zero degrees Fahrenheit, the rolling motion is a law of Origin and universes can not avoid it.

5 . Individuals act for the benefit of the species, this is the plan of the gene, and the "weapons " that the species placed within the body of individuals, in the case of humans, so they are acting on behalf of her sexual desire and the desire for survival (which includes eating, drinking, defend against other animals, etc.), Schopenhauer was the mastermind who discovered what he called "will", so that ultimately, such sovereign instincts will always overcome social desires.
Sexual desire, the stronger instinct among mammals, both the lion, as in humans, were created by gene not happy individuals ... was created to induce individuals to procreate, give to others, and thus preserve existence of their species